Thursday, March 27, 2008

Laptops, eBooks

I am the proud recipient of information -- lots of information. On any given day I get a minimum of 25 publishing related news items:   rss feeds, subscriptions newsletters and bits from friends and colleagues. Fortunately I read fast. . .

Here are the ones that caught my attention this week.

Is it a Laptop or an eBook


Of all the miscellaneous news items that have crossed my screen this week an article in Computer World is my favorite.  This is a long piece speculating on what a laptop will look like in 2015.  Very fun and thought provoking.  No matter how old I get, I guess I will always be a geek.  Someone asked me once what I would do if I won the lottery -- my answer:  "a new computer and some shoes".  Here are some great prospects!


Business Week Does eBooks


A great article in Business Week about Literacy had some  interesting info about eBooks.  This picture tells it all.

Harper Collins book widget


Also in my mailbox was a digital flyer from Harper Collins telling me I could read the entire book-- Double or Nothing by Tom Breitling for free. . .

Actually, they were trumpeting their new browse inside the book widget.  This is really a great idea for marketing. 

The whole book can read it, put the widget on your site, or tell your friends about it.  All very user friendly and convenient. 

Ten minutes of sitting at my desk and trying to read it at my computer, however, made me think that spending the money for an eBook version to put on my Cybook reader makes a lot of sense! 

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