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eBook Discounts for June 4, 2008

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True Crime, other wordly visitors, terror, fictional crime (wrapped in romance) and a dictionary are the popular titles this week. Very Interesting!

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The Paradiso Files eBook edition
by Burke, Timothy M.
In this bold, unique true-crime narrative, former homicide prosecutor Timothy M. Burke makes his case against one Leonard Paradiso. Lenny “The Quahog” was convicted of assaulting Connie Porter in 1973 and paroled in 1978, but Burke believes that he is guilty of much more – that Paradiso is a serial killer who operated in the Boston area, maybe farther afield, for nearly fifteen years, assaulting many young women and responsible for the deaths of as many as seven. Burke takes the reader inside the minds of prosecutors, police investigators, and one very dangerous man who thought he had figured out how to rape and murder and get away with it. TBurke’s gripping tale is an education and adventure in criminality and the pursuit of justice.
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List Price : $17.95
Your price $15.35 (Using your 10% discount and $ .81 points in eBook Reward points)
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Odd Hours eBook Edition
by: Author2
The legend began in the obscure little town of Pico Mundo. A fry cook named Odd was rumored to have the extraordinary ability to communicate with the dead. After grappling with the very essence of reality itself, after finding the veil that separates him from his soul mate, Stormy Llewellyn, tantalizingly thin yet impenetrable, Odd longed only to return to a life of quiet anonymity with his two otherworldly sidekicks—his dog Boo and a new companion, one of the few who might rival his old pal Elvis. …and in this dark night of the soul dawn will come only after the most shattering revelations of all.
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List Price : $20.95
Your price $16.13 (Using your 10% discount and $ .85 iin eBook Reward points)
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Terror and Consent;' The Wars for the Twenty-First Century eBook edition
by: Bobbitt, Philip
An urgent reconceptualization of the Wars on Terror. In this book Philip Bobbitt brings together historical, legal, and strategic analyses to understand the idea of a “war on terror.” . . . He provocatively declares that the United States is the chief cause of global networked terrorism because of overwhelming American strategic dominance. This is not a matter for blame, he insists, but grounds for reflection on basic issues. We have defined the problem of winning the fight against terror in a way that makes the situation virtually impossible to resolve. We need to change our ideas about terrorism, war, and even victory itself.
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List Price : $17.95
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The Queen's Fool eBook edition
by: Gregory, Phillipa
A young woman, Hannah Green, caught in the rivalry between Queen Mary and her half sister, Elizabeth, must find her true destiny amid treason, poisonous rivalries, loss of faith, and unrequited love. Hired as a fool but working as a spy; promised in wedlock but in love with her master; endangered by the laws against heresy, treason, and witchcraft, Hannah must choose between the safe life of a commoner and the dangerous intrigues of the royal family that are inextricably bound up in her own yearnings and desires
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List Price : $11.99
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Dictionary of Corporate Bullshit eBook edition
by: Beckwith, Lois
This caustically funny Webster’s of the workplace cuts to the true meaning of the inane argot spouted in cubicles and conference rooms across the land.
At a price even an intern can afford and in a handy paperback format that won’t weigh down your messenger bag or briefcase, The Dictionary of Corporate Bullshit is a hilarious guide to the smoke-screen terms and passive-aggressive phrases we traffic in every day. Each entry begins with a straight definition followed by a series of alternative meanings that are, of course, what is really meant.
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List Price : $9.95
Your price $8.51 (Using your 10% discount and $ .45 in eBook Reward points)

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