Wednesday, October 8, 2008

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This is obviously the political silly season that comes before every major election. The details of the behavior of every candidate are dissected down to the atomic level. What they say, what they wear and how they respond to the endless stupid questions posed by the press is analyzed over and over again. Every bit of information related to everything except the candidates’ qualifications to solve problems is the subject of every newscast in the twenty four hour news cycle.

Of course, I know all this because I was up way too late last night watching the debate.  No book review this week; I was too distracted.

I woke up this morning with a burning question:  How do you escape all of this bombast?

And then it came to me.  In one of those "of course" statements.  Just unplug the TV and pick up a good book (or even a piece of total thrash that appeals to your personal taste). Go back and read one of the classics or grab the latest escape novel off the shelf.  Do anything but read a book on politics.

For the science fiction and fantasy fans there are several new offerings that released this last month:

scifi banner

For the Romance fan there are a lot of new moans and whispers of undying , well you know how it goes.

romance banner

For the mystery fan there are new releases galore and some of them will take you totally away from the monster on the wall or on the nightstand. You know what I mean, the one eyed loud and obnoxious window into the real world.

mystery banner

Whatever else you do, please escape this election cycle for a few hours with a book. It will get you one day closer to the ever shorter time between political silly seasons and some real peace and quiet.

So here's the deal -- buy any book in the store for a 5% discount.  Use coupon  Crazy108 to get your discount at check out.

Let sanity prevail.  Come on, even a novel about deep and abiding psychologically twisted behavior is better than this!!!!

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