Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Revolutionary Road -- The Movie Version

It is a rare thing when the movie and the book actually resemble each other.  Which, of course, make Revolutionary Road a rare movie adaptation.

It didn't hurt that I re-read the book just before seeing the movie.  In many ways it made it a richer experience.  I was free to enjoy the powerful performances.  And, having just read the book, I was able to compare the movie and the book for content and impact.


I know that sounds like a lot of work; but eventually I got so caught up in the performances that the reading experience hardly mattered anymore. I was riveted to my seat. 

My only criticism is that the "back story" of why Frank and April see themselves as special gets short shrift.  Although, I am not sure how it could have been added without lengthening and somehow diluting the story line.

This is an amazing piece of work; go see it!

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