Friday, January 18, 2008

Steve Jobs Kindles Another Debate

"The seminal thinker of Apple is taking another byte that’s too big for his britches. He is declaring the written word dead" says Henri Reynard in this guest appearance.

jobs2 Steve Jobs has always made great presentations even when he is presenting a dead product. Remember, oh guru, the great black walrus carcass of NeXT hanging around your neck?

Unfortunately when a product offering to your worshipping crowds isn’t up to par, you have to depend on a controversy to make news.  And Jobs is a past master at this kind of folderol.

Luckily for him it is just babble and not real prognostication. He has amply proven that he is not a living reincarnation of Nostradamus. If the written word is dead so is computing which last time I looked depended on keyboards and words to do almost everything it does.

If he really wants to amaze and intelligently impact the growing market for devices that can both talk and listen to you he should build a better tablet computer. I’ll even design it for him.

The tablet computer needs to be about the size of a sheet of paper or at least seven inches by ten inches. It should be no thicker than his new offering which is just another thin portable. It should take written text and dictation. It needs great color resolution like the iPhone and a new operating system based on spoken commands.

This tablet needs a five thousand word look up vocabulary so that it can offer you options when it doesn’t recognize a word you used. “Did you mean functions,” are prevalent in typed word dictionaries. It needs a particular dictionary adapted to the task of taking dictation and dealing with handwritten text. It could also have a keyboard that is presented onscreen as a touch screen function. It certainly should have drawing functions and stock images built into its connected library of utilities.

It should also be fully ready for the next big thing in computing, “Permanently Connected Publishing.” That would be a computer worthy of notice. It could also be designed to fold up and act as a phone; eventually. I wouldn’t want him to overreach the market again.

I can go on and so can a lot of you. Let’s have a little fun challenging Jobs to actually do something besides listen to the iPods with the rest of his life. The iPhone is a pretty toy but not a revolution in anything but Apple’s bottom line. Let’s see a real revolution in computing.

Bring on the tablet computer, it is long overdue.

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