Friday, February 27, 2009

The Sharing Knife Series by Lois Bujold eBook editions

sharing knife

The writing of Lois McMaster Bujold is among the best in characterization. She creates a personal connection for the reader that runs deeper than is common for this genre.

Her Vorkosigan Saga dominated by the character of Miles Vorkosigan has always amused and absorbed me when new bits of the series were released. I recommend it to anyone with an ounce of romance in their soul.

She has switched themes and is moving down a path dedicated to exploring historical fantasy worlds.

While I miss Miles and other characters brought to life in her earlier work, I still await her new books with appropriate anticipation. For anyone who likes SF or Fantasy she is in the top ten at her craft.

The presence of her Vor society will stand alongside many of the greatest series in the history of SF. The same will probably be true of her newer venture into Fantasy writing. I do hope that she will revisit Miles a few more times in moments in the future. While he is now happily married in her most recent piece of work on him and certainly more mature there is still a lot of life left in the little man.

I have watched a lot of authors come and go in fifty years of reading SF and Fantasy. The truth is that great writing is not what Science Fiction is all about. Even the greatest SF writers usually lack some literary hallmarks that live more often in other genre types and literature in general.

Bujold is one of the exceptions and whatever she serves up will be well worth reading, often more than once.

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