Monday, June 11, 2007

Library Rankings -- The 10 most checked out books

This weekend I got a chance to catch up on my reading. Finally! One of my favorite publications is Publisher's Weekly. I always check out the lists for the week -- I am a numbers kind of person. One of my favorites is library list. It shows the top ten books borrowed from libraries around the country. It is often very different from the other lists and perhaps more representative of the books people are reading and talking about. So here is the list for last week: 1 The Memory Keeper’s Daughter. Kim Edwards Penguin, $14. ISBN 0143037145. A doctor’s decision to send his newborn daughter, who has Down syndrome, to an institution haunts everyone involved. 2 Snow Flower and the Secret Fan. See, Lisa Random House, $13.95. ISBN 0812968069. The book describes a very intense friendship between two women, Lily and Snow Flowert. 3 Step on a Crack. James Patterson & Michael Ledwidge Little, Brown, $27.99. ISBN 9780316013949. A detective raising 10 children alone must rescue 34 high-level hostages 4 I Heard That Song Before. Clark, Mary Higgins Simon & Schuster, $25.95. ISBN 9780743264914. A woman marries a childhood acquaintance suspected of several murders 5 Nineteen Minutes. Picoult, Jodi Atria, $26.95. ISBN 9780743496728. The aftermath of a high school shooting reveals the fault lines in a small New Hampshire town. 6 Getting’ Buck Wild: Sex Chronicles II. Zane Zane Atria: S. & S., $15. ISBN 0743457021. Smart, witty and extremely sexy, this second volume of Sex Chronicles is tailored to women - but perfect for lovers to share 7 Eldest. Christopher Paolini Knopf, $21. ISBN 037582670X. Eragon in the land of elves; Book 2 in the Inheritance trilogy 8 Simple Genius. Baldacci, David Warner, $26.99. ISBN 9780446580342. Two former Secret Service agents investigate a scientist’s murder while one battles her own demons. 9 Obsession. Kellerman, Jonathan Ballantine, $26.95. ISBN 9780345452634. The psychologist-detective Alex Delaware investigates an apparent deathbed confession of murder. 10 Keeping Faith. Picoult, JodiWilliam Morrow & Company, $24. ISBN 0688168256. I was really interested to see that all but one of these books are being sold as eBooks. The omission of "Keeping Faith" caught my attention since all of Jodi Picoult's books are avialable in eBook format. My guess is that since she changed publishers and Morrow is not interested in making her backlisted titles available. Curious I am interested in your comments either on the list or about any of the individual books.

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