Monday, June 4, 2007

New York Times Summer Reads

Over the weekend the New York Times listed it's summer reads -- recommended for the beach. As always, there are a couple that I wholeheartedly recommend (I read them), some I don't know about and a couple I wonder WHAT they were thinking.

It was great to see that about half of these books are avialable as eBooks which makes them cheaper and more portable.

So without further ado -- here is the list:

  • CITY OF FIRE by Robert Ellis (St. Martin’s Minotaur); 357 pages; $24.95.
  • DREAM WHEN YOU’RE FEELING BLUE by Elizabeth Berg (Random House); 276 pages; $24.95 -- the eBook is only $17.95
  • MEDITERRANEAN SUMMER by David Shalleck with Erol Munuz (Broadway Books); 332 pages; $23.95.
  • MICHAEL TOLLIVER LIVES by Armistead Maupin (HarperCollins); 277 pages; $25.95
  • STRAITS OF FORTUNE by Anthony Gagliano (William Morrow); 240 pages; $23.95
  • SUMMER READING by Hilma Wolitzer (Ballantine Books); 251 pages; $24.95 - eB0ok is only $17.95
  • THE ENTITLED by Frank Deford (Sourcebooks); 318 pages; $24.95.
  • THE PRINCE OF NANTUCKET by Jan Goldstein (Shaye Ayreheart Books); 239 pages; $24.00 -- the eBook is only $17.95
  • THE SAVAGE GARDEN by Mark Mills (G. P. Putnam’s Sons); 324 pages; $24.95 -- not to be confused with the book of the same name by Denise Hamilton where the eBook is only $6.99.
  • WAY OFF THE ROAD by Bill Geist (Broadway Books); 240 pages; $23.95 -- the eBook is $17.95.
  • UP IN HONEY’S ROOM by Elmore Leonard (William Morrow); 292 pages; $25.95. parent-0767922727 -- the eBook is only $19.95
The linked books are available at eBooks About Everything and if you enter the coupon code as SUMMER07 at check out you will received a 7% discount on each of the titles.

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