Monday, November 12, 2007

Norman Mailer

By now you have probably heard of Norman Mailers death and have seen or heard several pieces about his life.

The New York Times had a wonderful piece -- Mailer, Towering Writer With a Matching Ego, Dies at 84 which I highly recommend.

My favorite is the statement by Random House president and publisher Gina Centrello:

"Random House mourns the passing of Norman Mailer, whom we have published since 1984. To us, he was more than an American master and one of the greatest writers of our time. He was a consummate professional, who stimulated us with his passion and ideas and charmed us with his wit and warmth. Whenever he came into our offices, whether to deliver a manuscript or discuss a book jacket, he brought a bottomless love of literature and the written word. We felt privileged to know Norman Mailer the man, who adored his wife and children, who was kind and generous to his friends and colleagues, and who was a working writer until the very end."

That is an obituary to strive for.

Rest In Peace, Norman Mailer.

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