Monday, November 5, 2007

So many eBooks; so . . . .

I have come to the conclusion that somewhere along the way, I have contracted a rare and bizarre form of narcolepsy. Every time I pick up a book I fall asleep. Wouldn’t be so bad except that my eBook reader is full and my nightstand is overflowing with books, that theoretically, I want to read.

Over the last week I have dipped into all of them, read a few pages and promptly fallen asleep.

For example on my eBook Reader and Palm are the books I have bought because for one reason or another they appeal to me:

On the night stand I have a collection of books that my friends and family have loaned (or in some cases forced on) me because they think I will enjoy them or because they want me to read them for some reason:

  • Life is A Beach by Claire Cook
  • Die, My Love A True Story of Revenge, Murder, and Two Texas Sisters by Kathryn Casey
  • Love at Goon Park: Harry Harolow and the Science of Affection by Deborah Blum
  • Broken: My Story of Addiction and Redemption by William Cope Moyers
  • When the World Was Steady by Claire Messud
  • Anything for Jane by Cheryl Mendelson

What to do?

I have tried an uncomfortable chair, sitting in a crowd at Starbucks and drinking coffee (lots of coffee). Nothing seems to work. But I have a solution to my problem.

It is in the slim volume I have taken to carrying in my purse entitled How to Talk About Books You Haven't Read by Pierre Bayard.

I am sure that this will be a great help to me if I can stay awake long enough to read it.

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