Monday, August 18, 2008

The Android Phone -- It’s Alive and It’s Going to TAKE OVER THE WORLD

Henri is excited about Google's new Android operating system and the new Google phone.  Here he tells us why.

google android phone1 Intelligent design has everything to do with the new Google Android phone about to be released by T Mobile. Of course this is only the first in a series of phones using Google’s Android software. The T Mobile version is being manufactured by HTC one of the largest cell phone manufacturer’s in the world.

I'll bet you are wondering why I chose this seemingly ridiculous title.  It is simply because the operating system software in this cell phone is designed around an open systems approach. That means that any application software written by anyone for the Android operating system will work on any phone.

This is the cell phone equivalent of the release of Microsoft’s DOS operating system for the PC.  DOS revolutionized c0mputing. The ability to write unlimited third party software drove the Personal Computing revolution.  Oh yeah, that was back when Microsoft had one revolutionary bone in its still tiny body.

Of course the iPhone has recently attempted to do this same sort of thing.  But that is really only ian attempt to preempt the real revolution in application software for the cell Phone:  free operating software in every sense of the word free. Google’s software will open up the cell phone world to all of the creative forces that drove personal computing and more. Even more than that it is going to mean the end of dominance by the systems, hardware and software of computing as it is defined today.

This living breathing model for computing in the future is clearly android phone 2going to do away with the multiple devices that clutter my home. With the power of the Smartphone and the flexibility of the Google Android Operating System who needs a PC? Or for that matter who needs a GPS System a dedicated eBook Reader or any of the other clutter that we deal with daily in the electronic world?

How long will it be before these phones attach to anything your PC can hook up to and run it without a glitch? If I know Google it will be less than a year if not immediately. Driver software for any device that runs on a PC will mean no need to haul a five pound device around just to print or otherwise deal effectively with data.

The freedom of really open computing on a Cell Phone will lead to places we have never gone before. Being able to hook this Phone up to a screen of any suitable size will be wonderful. Soon enough it will be a screen that can be rolled up into the size of a pencil and unrolled to display your images and video. Being able to project those images unto any flat or other reflective surface will also happen quickly.

There will be more to come in my projection of the new world of computing that this approach to Cell Phone Operating Systems will usher in. This is only the first in a series of blogs directed at drawing a line in the sand that the PC will have a hard time crossing.

Who needs a clunky, usually connected, device that sort of uses a network approach to computing? Let’s step out into the brave new world where all we really need is the computing core device that fits into our pocket and connects to everything in the world. This is going to be fun!!!!!!!!!

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