Friday, August 15, 2008

Moon Shell Beach eBook Edition

I woke up the other morning with a summer cold.  Felt so lousy that I crawled back into bed with my eBook, a box of Kleenex and a bottle of Vitamin C.  I spent the day reading and dozing.  Dozing as much as reading.

I needed something light, diverting and entertaining.  Nancy Thayer's new book (Moon Shell Beach) seemed like the perfect thing.  After all I love her Hot Flash series

The good news is that the book carried me off to Nantucket and the beach.  Obviously, Thayer knows the town well and did a great job of capturing the ambience of the island.  And of course, I'm always a sucker for hope.

That is pretty much where the good news ends.

Notice above, I spent a great deal of time dozing.  If I had felt any better I would have tossed the book and gone to find something entertaining to do. 

My experience with Thayer says that she is a good writer who has mostly delivered credible chick-lit with well developed characters.  The plots are usually pretty simple but she makes up for that by developing people you really like and want to know better. 

This book is evidence that Thayer has evidently reached the status of author where her publisher will pretty much take anything she writes and put it out there for the unsuspecting public.  Too bad!!  Trust me, no first time or lesser known author could get this particular manuscript published!

I have the particular good fortune of having a couple of long and close friendships with other women.  We have certainly had our petty disagreements, vicious arguments and periods of estrangement.  But there are some lines that friends do not cross.  And these two women not only cross them but seem to take delight in trampling on them.

It probably doesn't really matter since Lexi and Clare are cardboard women.  Thayer tries (and fails) to give them emotions and an inner life; but it (the inner life) is as unbelievable as they are.  These are basically immature and rather stupid young women who grow up to be rather stupid and immature older women. 

It is really sad to see a fine author put out such crap.  Based on her long history of great storytelling, I am will to give her next book a chance.  But if it is anything like Moon Shell Beach, she will lose me for once and all!

The publisher says:

Lexi Laney and Clare Hart grew up together swimming in the surf, riding remote bike trails, and having wondrous adventures across picturesque Nantucket. And when it was time to share intimate secrets and let their girlish imaginations run free, they escaped to their magical private hideaway: Moon Shell Beach. 

But nothing stays the same. With the complicated pressures of adulthood, their intense bond is frayed, hurtful words are exchanged, and Lexi flees Nantucket to a life of luxury while Clare stays behind.

Ten years later, a newly divorced Lexi returns to make amends with those she left in her wake. Living at home with her father and dating a gorgeous carpenter, Clare still simmers with resentment toward her glamorous friend. And when Lexi opens an upscale clothing boutique next door to Clare’s chocolate shop, their paths are fated to cross.

Their emotional reunion is beset with major challenges: Lexi’s return sets off a series of startling events that fracture the status quo and set the town gossips’ tongues wagging. And as Clare’s life takes an abrupt detour, Lexi wonders if the happiness and peace they once knew on Moon Shell Beach will, in the end, prove to be as fleeting as time and the tide. In the turbulent adult world, awash in failed loves and romantic disappointment, can childhood dreams still come true?

Irresistible reading, Moon Shell Beach explores the evolution of a tumultuous lifelong friendship, the power of forgiveness, and the rewards of believing in miracles.

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Anonymous said...

i thought the book was good, brought me back to my younger years
i couldn put it down


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