Monday, August 11, 2008

Good News for Sony eBook Readers . . .

sony_reader2 As reported a couple of weeks ago the new generation of Sony eBook readers can read protected Adobe Digital Edition eBooks. 

That was great news for those thinking about buying a new eBook and wondering about the Sony. 

The Sony is readily available at Borders.  And at $299,  is about the cheapest eInk reader around. 

The major drawback had always been that if you owned a Sony eReader you had to buy all your books from the Sony Connect store.  So opening up the reader to a new format and other retail outlets was great news for new purchasers.  The really early adopters, those with older Sony readers, however, were still stuck with the Sony Connect store. 

Evidently Sony decided to do something about it has just announced that they are offering a $100 rebate to all first Generation purchasers of the Sony Reader who upgrade to the newest Sony Reader.

MobileRead has all of the details:

  • Customers doing the upgrade will buy the 505 first and then send in their old 500 to get the credit. This means you may have to wait a bit to get the credit, but it also means that you won’t ever be without a Reader.
  • There is a shipping cost to send back your old unit. But when buying the new unit, often offers free shipping.
  • This is a Sony-only promotion, which means you can buy online at or in person at a SonyStyle store, not third party retailers.
  • If you bring the old unit into the store and do the trade right then and there, the credit will be applied at purchase. If you do the trade later or purchase online, the credit comes back when Sony receives the 500.
  • This is a US-only promotion. (Not good for UK 505 purchases.)
  • Extended warranties do not appear to be transferrable to the new device
  • The offer is good until January 31, 2009

If you are the owner of a first generation Sony and wondering if it is worth it -- go take a look at the eBooks About Everything store and see all the great titles you will suddenly be able to buy and read.

How's that for shameless self-promotions?!

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