Wednesday, July 8, 2009

New Bookeen Reader Soon -- The Opus

Bookeen, the maker of the Cybook, are showing off thier new reader called the Opus. Shown below is a picture that compares the current Cybook with the New Opus. Was originally supposed to be available in June . . .

MobileRead lists the new specs below:

  • 5" high definition e-ink screen (200dpi, 600x800 pixels)
  • Ultra light-weight : 150 grammes.
  • 1go internal memory (twice the capacity of the Cybook Gen3)
  • Truly pocket-sized !
  • Excellent ergonomy with convenient well-placed page-turning buttons on the side of the screen for one-handed use.
  • An accelerometer allows you to use it in either hand.
  • ePUB and PDF support (with or without DRM) via the Adobe Reader Mobile SDK. 12 different type sizes
  • Folder support !
  • User replaceable battery.
  • Memory card expansion slot (Micro SD).

Here are a lot more pictures (and more info if you read french)

Looks like an interesting alternative. Stay tuned for actual release date and pricing.

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