Monday, July 9, 2007

Mobipocket eBooks - a great eReading experience!

Mobipocket has long been my favorite eReading platform. Which explains why I am excited to say that eBooks About Everything is starting to offer books in this format; over the next couple of weeks we will be adding close to 50,000 Mobipocket formatted eBooks.

Mobi was designed to be a “universal” reader which means it is easy to use on a PDA, a smart phone, an eReading device or on a even your laptop. It has the most compatability with the most devices: Palm, Windows, Windows Mobile, Blackberry, Symbian (Nokia and UI phones), Franklin Reader, Irex Illiad and Pepper-Pad. The new Sony eReader integration should be available soon.

Of course Mobipocket has all the features you expect from eReading software: bookmarking, highlightlighting, searching text within the document and annotating.

So what’s different/better? The reading experience! Mobipocket lets you change the line spacing, the type face, the margins and the justification. If that is not enough, you can change the background and text colors.

You get to choose what you want to see. For example on my PDA, I like a Verdana 10 font with clear type on a full screen. On my laptop, I like Comic Sans MS to display 4 pages across with 1.25 line spacing AND my notes displayed to the right. Once you’ve set your customized reading environment it stays that way until you change it.

One of the things I really like is that I can import a lot of different kinds of files into my library by simply clicking and dragging. Check out the picture at the top -- it shows this post in Mobi before I made a few changes. Importable files include: PDF (!), HTML, Text (MS Office, .TXT and .RTF), CHM, OCF files and even simple RSS news feeds. Open the file in Mobipocket; it adapts perfectly to your preset page layout. It is now a permanent part of your library so that it can easily be opened again.

The dictionary functions are great! Purchase and install a dictionary and you can lookup any word as you read. Even better, you can install a bi-lingual dictionary so that if you are me trying to read in Spanish --you can EASILY look up the word in English and keep reading.

Then there is linking – you can easily link within a book or between books in your library for easy reference. You can copy information from one place and paste it into another (this may be limited by the DRM protection of the book).

Mobipocket claims that they have the easiest way to build, organize, read and annotate your entire eBook library. I think they might be right.

Which explains why I’m excited to buy (and sell, of course) eBooks in the format from our very own store. I get to buy books in my own store (at a discount -- and there goes any profit) and read them on my UltraMobile PC, Palm and Illiad.

Try it out today (just ignore our temporary cover problem) and of stayed tuned for more info and DISCOUNTS.

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