Monday, July 16, 2007

More Harry Potter . . . .

All the frenzied speculation about the ending of Harry Potter just tickles me!

Especially since I am one of those people who refuses to buy a book in a series until the whole series is published. . . .but then I tend to scandalize my friends with how I read.

Here is how it will go: When all seven books are available I will buy them all; stack them on my night stand and start with Book 1, Chapter 1; will pick up Book7, the last chapter and read it; and then return to Book 1, Chapter 2 and read to the end. So I will know what happens in advance.

Evidently there are other people who like to know the ending as well. This would explain the “Gabriel” phenomonon. Gabirel, a hacker, claimed he had gotten hold of a digital copy of the book and posted the supposed the key details on his site. . His site's server, run by, was swamped with five times it’s normal traffic. They are still recovering.

Of course, we are not exempt from Harry Potter mania here at eBooks About. We would like to be since J K Rowling refuses to allow her books to be sold in eBook formats, but we are human, The office staff has been debating the end for days. I have listened with half an ear and heard all kinds of strange things about Muggles Hermione, Dumbledore and Snape. Whatever!

To top it off, my grandchildren are after me to go see Order of the Phoenix with them.

I am probably one of the few people left in the world who doesn’t have a clue about Harry Potter, the characters, the spells, never mind the plot line.

Which explains my relief when my daughter explained to me that I could find out everything I needed to know if I would just look in my own store. She said to find “The Unofficial Guide to Harry Potter”. I can even carry it with me on my Palm Reader when I go to see the movie and refer to it as needed during the movie. The wonder of backlighting!!

One more reason to read eBooks (as if I really needed one).

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