Friday, December 7, 2007

Christmas Present for A Geek Girls

There are times when I KNOW that we live in a very weird world!  

I was shopping (online of course) for a Christmas gift for my Geek daughter when I stumbled across this little gem.

A polished stainless steel combined with Silver Shade crystals set in Ceralun(TM) heart on a silver cord! usbheart2

Quiet beautiful.

The necklace is actually a USB memory key disguised as heart pendant. The 2 halves are held together with a pin. For 1 GB of data (about 250 songs or 1’000 photos) with password protection, high-speed USB 2.0 interface!

Its perfect if you happen to have a spare $178.00 laying around. I promptly sent the link to the Geek daughter.  A little more than I was planning to spend, but I knew she'd love it! 

While I was at it I wrote Laura Preble suggesting she use it on the cover of latest book -- Queen Geeks In Love.  Much more attractive wouldn't you say?

Back to Christmas shopping I go.  Only 17 shopping days left. 

I can't resist a final note.  eBooks do make a great Christmas present -- give a coupon from eBooks About Everything to all the electronic book readers you know.  It's as simple as clicking here.

Enjoy your weekend, however you spend it.

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