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eBook Discounts for December 12/ 2007

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Here are the eBooks you asked for last week. To get your discount on these fabulous tiltes use coupon code A9JG4 at check out. Our guarantee: If you have bought one of these titles from eBooks About in the last 15 days -- we will gladly offer you a rebate on the book; just contact us.
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I Am America eBook edition
by Colbert, Stephen
What The Daily Show is to evening news, The Colbert Report is to personality-driven pundit shows. Colbert brings his sarcastic charm to a half-hour report, tackling the important issues of the day and telling his guests why their opinions are just plain wrong. Stephen stands for truthiness and his American right to copyright that word and claim ownership of it.Stephen Colbert describes his book as a simple book from a simple mind--Stephen Colbert. It is one man's attempt to wedge his brain between hardback covers.
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List Price : $18.99
Your price $16.24 (Using your 10% discount and $ .85 points1 in eBook Reward points)
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Watchman eBook Edition
by: Rankin, Ian
Miles Flint is a spy who has been making some serious mistakes. His last assignment led to the death of a foreign official in London, and after getting too close to his current subject he wound up in police custody. But something is wrong at the agency that has nothing to do with Miles' errors. Why did his last suspect know more about Miles' assignment than Miles did? Why have so many operatives recently resigned? Despite the Director's assurances, Miles begins his own investigation, to the dismay of his colleagues and even his own wife.
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List Price : $16.99
Your price $14.53 (Using your 10% discount and $ .76 iin eBook Reward points)
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F-Factor Diet eBook editor
by: Zuberbrot, Tanya
A top nutritionist reveals the secret to permanent weight loss. To help her busy clients ditch the fad diets,Tanya Zuckerbrot spent more than a decade designing a healthful, delicious, sustainable diet that sheds pounds, boosts energy, lowers cholesterol, and reduces the risk of heart disease and diabetes. The F-Factor Diet presents a fresh take on eating high-fiber carbs, and reveals the secrets to satisfying meals and lasting weight loss, including: - A simple three-stage program
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List Price : $14.95
Your price $11.51 (Using your 10% discount and $ .61 in eBook Reward points)
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Beyond the Dark eBook edition
by: Knight, Angela; Holly, Emma; Leigh, Lora; Whiteside, Diane
A daring collection of never-before-published erotic desire from four of the hottest names in paranormal romance. Four of the most sizzling authors of paranormal romance take readers beyond their wildest fantasies, to a seductive midnight world of erotic suspense, demons, mages, vampires, and knights. A world of queens with devilish secrets, and of demons with secret desires. So dangerous and fun, readers may never want to come back down to earth again...
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List Price : $14.00
Your price $11.34 (Using your 10% discount and $points4 in eBook Reward points)
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Golf Is Not a Game of Perfect eBook edition
by: Robella, Bob
Dr. Bob Rotella is one of the hottest performance consultants in America today. Among his many professional clients are Nick Price (last year's Player of the Year), Tom Kite, Davis Love III, Pat Bradley, Brad Faxon, John Daly, and many others. Rotella, or "Doc," as most players refer to him, goes beyond just the usual mental aspects of the game and the reliance on specific techniques. What Rotella does here in this extraordinary book, and with his clients, is to create an attitude and a mindset about all aspects of a golfer's game, from mental preparation to competition. The most wonderful aspect of it all is that it is done in a conversational fashion, in a dynamic blend of anecdote and lesson.
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List Price : $16.99
Your price $14.53 (Using your 10% discount and $ .76n eBook Reward points)
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