Monday, December 31, 2007

Diet eBooks

The Holidays are over and I am five pounds heavier.  Ooops!  That means one thing; it is time to seriously think diet.

Like most women, I know more about diets than is sensible or helpful.  Tried most of them: Weight Watchers, Aitkins, The Zone, Pritikin, You Name It.  The end result, of course, is that I have lost the same ten pounds a dozen (or more times). I don't give up easily.  I keep looking for that magic, effortless and fool-proof diet.

This morning I started my quest at eBooks About Everything; scrolled down to the book finder and typed "Diet" in the title box and asked to sort by "Newest".  Here is an interesting factoid:  there are 110 books in the store with the word Diet in the title! 

The newest is the The GenoTypeDiet; the latest twist on the "Blood Type Diet,"  The first thing to know is that food choices based on your blood type alone is SO yesterday!  Welcome to the brave new world of genotypes - Hunter, Gatherer, Teacher, Explorer, Warrior or Nomad.  Turns out I am a Gatherer and designed to hang on to every calorie.  I can already see defeat.The F-Factor Diet

On to the next option -- the The F-Factor Diet.  This one is all about fiber.  It comes with a three-stage program and a journal.  The author even includes receipts for people who can't cook.  It has possibilities.  But it still looks like work.

Number three: The Insulin-Resistance Diet is now revised and updated.  Apparently, the proper combination of foods is the key to permanent weight loss.  Just link carbs and protein and all will be well.  Looks like chocolate might be the perfect food after all.  That sounds good to me!

Then I had this big realization:  every one of these diets have exactly one thing in common.  They ALL stress an exercise program to go along with the diet.  Bummer!

I have long suspected that it might be simpler to just get my ass to the gym an forget about dieting.  But that seems like so much work!  I would much rather read a book. 

OK (big sigh here), I guess I'll go pull my gym bag and sweats out of the bottom of the closet and toddle off to the gym. 

Or maybe, I will just browse the bookstore for a really nifty exercise program that will burn a gazillion calories per hour. . . . .


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